A Guide for Sharing Your Testimony

Here is a guide I’ve put together as a help for church members whom I’ve asked to share their testimony on different occasions.

10-15 Minute Testimony

Background – 1-4 Minutes

Tell what your life was like before Christ. This may cover a large portion of your life or a very small portion. If you were saved at a young age, you might have to talk more generally about the environment you were brought up in.

How Christ Saved You – 3-4 Minutes

Tell of the circumstances surrounding your salvation.

Most importantly, share the content of the message you received (e.g. life, death, and resurrection of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins). How, specifically, was this gospel message conveyed to you?

Don’t neglect discussing the work of the Holy Spirit in your heart!

Finally, explain how your faith in Christ was initially expressed. Did someone lead you in prayer, or was your experience something different? And don’t forget to talk about your baptism and the importance of this act of obedience/submission to Christ.

The Difference Christ Has Made in Your Life – 3-4 Minutes

Tell of your journey of growth as a Christian over the years. How does this growth (sanctification) give you assurance of your salvation?

What impact does being a Christian have on your daily life?

Closing Scripture – 2-3 Minutes

Have your audience open their Bibles with you for a closing verse or passage of Scripture.

Tie the Scripture in with your personal testimony and give a few insights/closing thoughts.


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