Long Meter Hymns

These hymns all have the same meter as both “Doxology” and “When I Survey” and thus can be sung to either tune. I have placed in brackets verses most appropriate for skipping if hymns of shorter length are needed/desired. These are great for singing a cappella in both private and family worship. If you’re not much of a singer, try reading them aloud as poetry!

The Great Redeemer (Anne Steele)
He lives, the great Redeemer lives
What joy the blest assurance gives!
And now, before His Father, God
Pleads the full merits of His blood
[Repeated crimes awake our fears
And justice armed with frowns appears
But in the Savior’s lovely face
Sweet mercy smiles, and all is peace
In every dark, distressful hour
When sin and Satan join their power
Let this dear hope repel the dart
That Jesus bears us on His heart]
Great Advocate, almighty Friend!
On Him our humble hopes depend
Our cause can never, never fail
For Jesus pleads, and must prevail
Worthy the Lamb, For He Was Slain (James Montgomery)
Come, let us sing the song of songs
The saints of old began the strain
The blessing which to Christ belongs
Worthy the Lamb, for He was slain!
Slain to redeem us by His blood
To cleanse from every sinful stain
And make us kings and priests to God
Worthy the Lamb, for He was slain!
[To Him Who suffered on the tree
Our souls, at His soul’s price, to gain
Blessing, and praise, and glory be
Worthy the Lamb, for He was slain!
To Him, enthroned by filial right
All power in Heaven and earth proclaim
Honor, and majesty, and might
Worthy the Lamb, for He was slain!]
Long as we live, and should we die
And while in light with Him we reign
This song our song of songs shall be
Worthy the Lamb, for He was slain!
Be Still, My Heart (John Newton)
Be still, my heart! these anxious cares
To thee are burdens, thorns and snares
They cast dishonor on the Lord
And contradict His gracious word
[Brought safely by His hand thus far
Why wilt thou now give place to fear?
How canst thou want if He provide
Or lose thy way with such a Guide?
When first before His mercy-seat
Thou didst to Him thine all commit
He gave thee warrant from that hour
To trust His wisdom, love, and power
Did ever trouble yet befall
And He refuse to hear thy call?
And has He not His promise passed
That thou shalt overcome at last?
He who has helped me hitherto
Will help me all my journey through
And give me daily cause to raise
New Ebenezers to His praise]
Though rough and thorny be the road
It leads thee on, apace, to God
Then count thy present trials small
For God will make amends for all
The Living Stone (Samuel Medley)
On Christ, salvation rests secure
The Rock of Ages must endure
Nor can that faith be overthrown
Which rests upon the “Living Stone”
No other hope shall intervene
To Him we look, on Him we lean
Other foundations we disown,
And build on Christ, the “Living Stone.”
[In Him it is ordained to raise
A temple to the Father’s praise
Composed of all the saints who own
No Savior but the “Living Stone”
View the vast building, see it rise
The work how great, the plan how wise!
Oh, wondrous fabric, power unknown
That rears it on the “Living Stone”
But most adore His precious name
His glory and His grace proclaim
For us, condemned, despised, undone
He gave Himself, the “Living Stone”]
Psalm 34 (Isaac Watts)
Lord, I will bless thee all my days
Thy praise shall dwell upon my tongue
My soul shall glory in thy grace
While saints rejoice to hear the song
Come magnify the Lord with me
Come, let us all exalt his name
I sought th’ eternal God, and he
Has not exposed my hope to shame
[I told Him all my secret grief
My secret groaning reached His ears
He gave my inward pains relief
And calmed the tumult of my fears
To Him the poor lift up their eyes
Their faces feel the heav’nly shine
A beam of mercy from the skies
Fills them with light and joy divine]
His holy angels pitch their tents
Around the men that serve the Lord
O fear and love Him, all His saints
Taste of His grace, and trust His Word
[The wild young lions, pinched with pain
And hunger, roar through all the wood
But none shall seek the Lord in vain
Nor want supplies of real good]

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